REACH Institute

Idaho Youth Advocates recognizes the Reach Institute as one of the foremost research and education organizations on the issue of children’s mental health care.

Formally launched in July 2007, REACH seeks to improve the emotional and behavioral health of children by developing tools and techniques for renewing the practices of professionals, parents and others entrusted with their care.

REACH’s central strategy is to bring together leading scientists, mental health experts, agencies, primary care providers, parents and schools to identify the best scientific findings available to help children.

This is followed by the implementation, dissemination and evaluation of these methods, in other words, “putting science to work.” The need for an effective and independent resource dedicated solely to this purpose led to the formation of REACH.

Today REACH is dedicated to improving the mental health of the 14 million American youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. Led by national leaders in child psychiatry, psychology and pediatrics, REACH arms thousands of individuals and institutions with the best, evidence-based therapies to improve the mental health of children and adolescents.

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