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June 16, 2017
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“Stand up for yourself!” You’ve probably heard that a million times during your lifetime. You may have even used it with those around you that tend to let people run over them. There’s more to it than a simple statement. If it were that easy, everyone would do it! We’re not all equipped with the knowledge and skills to stand up for ourselves. Sometimes it must be taught. An article on, titled How to Self-Advocate gives 10 steps to being an effective self-advocate. One of the most effective tips from that article is to speak to people in person. The author says, “Speaking to someone in person is the most effective way to advocate for yourself. Make an appointment. Don’t just “show up.” Plan what you are going to say and the points you need to make. Practice with the help of friends, recorders, or mirrors if you feel unsure of yourself.” It’s all about preparation! But, advocacy goes beyond taking care of yourself. Oftentimes, we must advocate for our family as well.

Advocating for your family is a great way to make sure they are getting the support they need. posted an article recently called 10 Ways to be an Effective Advocate for your Child. Tip number three addresses the need to build relationships. This is like the idea of speaking to someone in person. If you build the relationship, you’ll have a better chance of getting what your family needs. The author says, “Building relationships with these people will help keep the lines of communication more open. There’s less of a chance of misunderstanding if everyone knows each other.” If you believe your child needs help, advocating for them will help ensure they receive help. Read our previous blog for some potential warning signs.

If you still feel like you are unable to get the help you need, contact Idaho Youth Advocates and we will assist you!

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