Why is Family Time So Important?

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December 7, 2016
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Have you ever wondered why family time is so important for your children? You may know it’s important but not understood the benefits for your children. We will go through some of the biggest benefits to your child’s well-being that are a result of family time.

The biggest benefit to your child is that they will feel loved and valued. This message of love speaks to your child’s self-esteem, self-love and view of how a family should feel. Children are great at reading between the lines and often draw connections that adults may miss. When you put down your phone, leave the cleaning for another time and truly connect with your child doing something they enjoy, they feel important and most importantly they feel loved. People often say “a family that dines together stays together”, eating a meal together as family without the TV on, electronics out or other distractions is a great way to have family time together during a busy week.

Family time is also important for your child’s mental health. Have you ever wondered why car rides home from school are so quiet? Kids don’t always feel comfortable talking about how they feel especially when they are asked. Doing an activity your child enjoys like mini-golfing or riding bikes and using that time to listen to their feelings, thoughts and concerns can have great benefits. You may be surprised that your child will admit they are distracted by the activity at hand.

You will also learn a lot about your child’s strengths and weaknesses. When we know someone’s strengths and weaknesses it’s easier to help guide them through difficult times. When you spend time together during family time you may be able to see areas they need help and how to help them.

Finally, bonding time is vital to a strong family unit as your children grow. Bonding with your children is one of the most important parts of family time. Having activities that you share can help you to connect with your kids through the teenage years and even beyond that.

In the end family time is about creating a family unit, bonding with your children, learning about your children and making your child feel loved. Family time can mean something different to every family. It may mean having dinners together, scheduling game nights, playing sports together or going to fun events as a family. Find what works for your family and make it a priority.



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