Developmental Pediatrics: What You Should Know

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If you have never heard the term Developmental Pediatrics you may not know what it truly encompasses. Developmental Pediatrics covers a wide variety of behavioral and developmental health conditions and concerns. Developmental delays, speech delays, Autism spectrum disorders, learning difficulties and more are part of this area of medicine. Developmental pediatricians are doctors that have met the pediatrician requirements and complete additional training to prepare for this area of medicine.

There is a wide range of “normal” when it comes to development. Parents often aren’t sure if their child is progressing the way they are supposed to and can be concerned if they aren’t meeting the guidelines for their age. Doctors often screen children during their well-visits but will refer children to a developmental pediatrician for further testing if needed. Developmental pediatricians are experienced in identifying development delays or concerns and can diagnose a wide variety of conditions ranging from speech issues to ADHD or even Autism. They can help with sleep issues, feeding issues and many other issues as well.

When meeting with a development pediatrician you may be wondering what the appointment will look like. Generally, the appointment won’t look much different than any other doctor’s appointment. They will evaluate your child for different areas of development in ways that are fun for your child. The doctor will ask your child to complete certain tasks to help evaluate their abilities. The appointment can take as long as 90 minutes to complete. After they complete the appointment the doctor may need more time to complete their entire evaluation but will likely be able to give you some of their initial thoughts and opinions. They will then create a treatment plan that is specifically designed for your child’s unique needs if necessary and will meet with you to discuss the plan and options for your child.

Early intervention is important with developmental issues and can help to ensure your child reaches their full potential in life. Talking to your doctor about these issues isn’t always easy but the results will be worth it. Children are adaptable and learn quickly especially at a young age, which is part of why early intervention is so important. Oftentimes early intervention programs can be part of a government aid program to ensure finances are not a factor when looking for these services.

Development pediatrics is an important practice for helping children reach their full potential in many aspects of their lives. Speech delays, learning disorders, mental disabilities, and many more areas of concern are part of the behavioral and development health of children and development pediatricians specialize in helping with these conditions.


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